Development Hand in Hand, Set Out the Future Altogether
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Escalators of Shanghai Mitsubishi for Dubai Railway Line Green won the title "Best Project of the Year" in American Magazine "Elevator World"
Development Hand in Hand, Set Out the Future Altogether
Celebration for 25th Anniversary of SMEC
Yearly Output in 2002
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On Feb. 29th, 2012, it was rainy in early spring in Shanghai. The tree planting activity in memory of the 25th anniversary of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator was held in the factory of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Corporation.
Since the establishment on January 1st 1987, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Corporation has passed altogether 25 years. With the support from the joint venture parties, and with the effort of the entire employees of SMEC, the business of the company has achieved tremendous development in these 25 years. Annual prime operating revenue increased from 70 million in 1987 to 11.29 billion in 2011. Reviewing the history of the 25 years, all of the people in SMEC are cheered up with proud. The 25th anniversary started from the Art Festival and celebration meeting, and ended perfectly with tree planting activity which leaders from all joint venture parties participate in. They planted the tree of friendship together which represents the "Development hand in hand Set Out the future together " between all joint venture parties and having better prospect of Shanghai Mitsubishi. After the moist spring rain, the tree of friendship will be more thriving and SMEC shall have a better prospect.